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employment Services for Exited Clients/Out-of-School 

Exited and Out-of-School clients can benefit from three services that provide experiences intended to position them for competitive employment:

  • Job Development
  • Job Placement
  • Job Retention

These three services are directly related to the individual’s specific job goal, which is consistent with the individual’s strengths, abilities, preferences, and service needs. An ORS Counselor works with clients who are job-ready and in need of job development services.

Time-Limited Job Coaching

The Time-Limited Job Coaching Program is a support service for individuals who are able to find employment, but cannot sustain employment due to their disability. The individual may need job coaching supports for more than the initial orientation to a job.

This support is typically provided for three to six months. In some special circumstances, counselors may also authorize this service to supplement a situational assessment in the community. Such additional services are provided to individuals identified by the ORS counselor as needing additional support services prior to the administration of a comprehensive assessment.

Job Preparation Program

The Job Preparation Program is a work preparation and work readiness program that is intended to prepare ORS clients for a job. During the first 4 weeks, the program will address interviewing, resume/work history issues, work habits and work relationships.

During this time, an authorization for a transportation assessment and transportation training can be incorporated. After the initial 4 weeks, the individual will have an opportunity to practice skills through a stipend paid job that is related to his/her interests through an externship/work experience (length: 10 days).

Situational Assessment

Situational Assessment is a Community-based Assessment used to provide vocational experiences in order to assist an individual with vocational exploration and vocational goal determination. It also provides information on vocational interests and preferences and job duties. It assesses their limitations in the job performance and work requirements, as well as behavioral and interpersonal issues. The location of the SAC sites must be in real work settings in the community, and clients must be paid minimum wage for their work hours.

The length of an SAC may vary, but usually lasts 10 days, with the work day occurring over a typical work day, ensuring that the assessment provides accurate information on performance for that occupation (a minimum of 4 hours per day).

Externship Program

The Externship Program is an externship designed to assist students and job developers in a supervised internship. The service enables a potential employer to test a student in a real-world environment prior to offering the student a paid position.  Externships permit job developers to promote a risk-free trial to employers, who in turn provide a two-week training opportunity to students and evaluate their efficacy within a real work environment.

Students in externships are compensated for their work, which also provides support and guidance to the student and manager during the externship.  As the expectation is an offer of employment at the conclusion of the two-week externship, NRIC requires a written contract between the employer and student outlining the terms of the trial and the guarantee of employment given acceptable performance.

Vocational Evaluation

Vocational Evaluation is a comprehensive combination of Interest and Aptitude testing (i.e., Career Scope; SDS; TABE; hands on aptitude testing). It includes, at least 5 days of an actual work assessment in the community (20 hours across two work environments). This work assessment should accommodate individual needs. This work assessment is expected to be administered in a community-based work experience that occurs in an integrated setting.

Summer Work

Summer Work provides the opportunities for youth with disabilities to experience first-hand the world of work.  ORS and Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRP) will partner to provide employment experiences incorporating a stipend for work. Students with disabilities who are still in school or are recent graduates may be targeted for participation in this program. Priority is given for youth who have not previously participated in ORS summer work.

This is a 5-day, 4-week, 20 hours-per-week program, which provides a stipend for a community-based work experience at one integrated worksite in the community. The CRP provider, ORS Counselor and employed youth review findings and recommendations at the conclusion of the summer work experience.

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