Specialized Alternative Program

The Specialized Alternative Program services students who range in age from three to twenty-one years.  The students who are serviced in these programs are often identified as having significant or multiple disabilities by their school districts.  It’s goal is to promote and enrich the educational and social well-being of its students by facilitating the provision of education services/delivery systems for students with significant and multiple disabilities and their families preparing the student to become an independent and productive member of society.

We believe our responsibility to the children of this program is to remain on the cutting edge of educational practices so as to be responsive to their needs and to those of the sending communities.  We help orchestrate the full range of services needed in order to facilitate the least restrictive environment for these students. 

Supporting Educational Instruction

Educational instruction for all students, provided by a teacher and his/her classroom assistants is augmented by the related services of a school social worker, occupational therapist, adaptive physical education teacher, school nurse teacher, speech therapist, physical therapist, and other consulting and direct service providers necessary to meet the IEP needs of individual students.

Contact Information

Lori Facha, Director of Educational Services
(401) 796-6445

Secondary Students

For secondary students in the Specialized Alternative Program, the goal is to help develop community, vocational, and domestic skills which will afford each student the potential for functioning as independently as possible when he/she enters the adult phase of his/her life.    Our secondary students spend equal amounts of time in the classroom and the community each week.  We have successful working relationships with adult service providers and assist in transitioning the student to adult services.

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