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Auditory-Oral Foundations

Founded in 2005, the Northern Rhode Island Collaborative’s Auditory Oral Foundations was developed to capitalize on improving and expanding technologies for the hearing impaired – in particular the very young. Our students, using technologies such as hearing aids and cochlear implants, learn techniques to better communicate. They also learn to recognize kinesthetic and contextual social cues to better understand and use spoken language.

Our Mission

To provide specialized programming for children with hearing loss who benefit from hearing technology and demonstrate a strong potential for learning to speak and listen. Our commitment is to prepare children for an education in their community schools by providing them with the tools they will need for successful inclusion and achievement.

For additional information on NRIC's Auditory Oral Foundations, please contact the Program Coordinator, Sarah Rosendale at:

Email: srosendale@nric-ed.org

Phone: (401) 952-8025
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