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Interagency Collaboration

The Regional Transition Centers coordinate interagency collaboration, ensuring the effective provision of transition services and support programs for youth, which is the responsibility of a variety of government, charity, service organizations, agencies of agencies, and community organizations.

To facilitate interagency collaboration, the Regional Transition Centers focus on bringing together and engaging critical stakeholders, such as:

  • High School & Middle School Teachers
  • State Agencies
  • Adult Service Agencies
  • Youth Centers
  • Parent Organizations, such as  Children’s Friend, Family Resources Community Action, and Seven Hills Rhode Island
  • Non-profit Agencies, such as Woonsocket Head Start or the East Bay Community Action Program
  • Charter Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Local Colleges and Universities
  • Local Businesses and Employers

For more information, contact:

(401) 495-2011

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