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Student Development

NRIC recognizes the value in which the community plays in youth development. NRIC fosters community involved activities and relationship building within a youth’s community as it is a valued piece of a youth’s development towards adulthood. NRIC assists with empowering youth to develop their own voice using community experiences based on interests.

NRIC’s transition and vocational team assists the Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS) in providing vocational career services for students with disabilities in public, private and charter schools in the state. Rhode Island continues to be unique by providing ORS Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors embedded in each school district. NRIC staff and ORS Counselors are involved in the evaluation and procurement of services for students.

Services provided include: 

· Technical Assistance

· Consultation

· Interest Surveys and Career Exploration

· Community Based Work Experiences

· Job Readiness Classes

· Tri-Employment Programming

· Middle School Pre-Ets Programming (School based) 

· Summer Work Programs

· Resume Building and Interview Skills

For more information, visit www.ors.ri.gov/Transition.html or contact:

Barbara Mulligan, Assistant Administrator for Transition

Northern Rhode Island Collaborative - NRIC Transition and Vocational Services

Tristan Pennell, Career Assessment Specialist



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